Clean Clogged Drains Safely with Our Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service in Chandler, AZ

Unclogging drains shouldn’t have to involve using harsh chemicals and tools that damage your pipes. At Chandler Action Plumbing & Drain, we use high-tech drain cleaning tools that safety clear the toughest drains from your sewer and water pipes.

Keep reading to learn more about hydro jetting, a drain cleaning method our licensed plumbers in Chandler, AZ, use for homes and businesses.

Hydro Jetting

When clogs are deep and beyond the reach of basic hand tools like drain snakes and plungers, you need a better solution. This solution is hydro jetting, a drain cleaning method that relies on highly pressurized water. The hydro jetter is like a power washer for your drains.

We use hydro-jetting to clear rust and sediment buildup from your interior pipes. We also use it to clear waste buildup and years of debris from sewer pipes too, which is why this tool is also called a sewer jetter.

Hydro-jetting equipment isn’t something you can rent or buy from the home improvement store. It requires precise expertise, which is what our plumbers have. If you’re interested in learning more about how this drain cleaning method can clear your severely clogged drains, call us.

Sewer Cleaning in Chandler, AZ

The sewer pipe is the main pipe that removes all water from your home. It includes kitchen sink water, laundry machine water, dishwater water, and toilet water. This pipe is responsible for moving a lot of water out of your home each day and when it becomes clogged it can cause sewage water to back up in your household drains.

Regular sewer cleaning services can prevent flooding and other messy situations. Annual cleaning services are a great investment in your drainage systems operation. If it’s been longer than a year since you’ve had your sewer line cleaned, call us to see if it’s time to schedule this appointment.

Sewer cleaning is also great for getting rid of tree roots from pipes. Roots get into pipes through cracks and holes. So, while sewer cleaning will clear the roots, it’s a good idea to look into repairing the pipe to prevent tree roots from returning.

24-Hour Sewer and Drain Services

Emergency situations happen and you need plumbing services right away. If you have clogged drains and need emergency sewer and drain cleaning services in Chandler, call Chandler Action Plumbing & Drain. We service homes and businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.